Review 1494 : Congealed Putrescence – Within the Ceaseless Murk – English

Forget about sweetness, Congealed Putrescence announces their second EP.

After a first EP in 2021, Steven Hendricks (bass/vocals), Matthew Moorin (guitar, Romasa), Hennessey Ian (guitar, Bloodsick, Baptizer) and Alex Babineaux (drums, A Novelist, Nethermost Majesty) announce the release of Within the Ceaseless Murk on Caligari Records.

Advection immediately throws us into this violent universe with a thick sound with an Old School mix completed by massive blast and some thick screams. Sharp leads offer the track grim sounds by slightly slowing down, then Gelid Fathomless Suffering will complete the oppressive sound with equally heavy and worked riffs under a gruesome mix. Grindcore influences are pretty obvious, as are the hints of technicality the band unveils before Suffocating Brain places a pretty sick groove into this crushing basis. Wild and raw screams fuel the ambient aggression, then Burning Off comes to shut this EP down without forgetting darker, more hypnotic elements the band can create while integrating them with their straightforward energetic riffs.

Eleven minutes of apnea is both long and short. But Congealed Putrescenceperfectly  succeeds in condensing all the Old School and raw Death Metal violence in Within the Ceaseless Murk, an EP you don’t want to miss.


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