Review 1518 : Høstsol – Länge leve döden – English

Høstsol is taking shape.

Announced in 2020 by Swedish singer Niklas Kvarforth (vocals, Shining, Skitliv, ex-Bethlehem, ex-Den Saakaldte), he recruits Finland’s Rainer Tuomikanto (drums, Ajattara, ex-Shining) and Kalmos (bass, Ajattara, ex-Nightside) as well as the Norwegian guitarist Cernunnus (Manes, Manii, Lethe) to create an Old School Black Metal band. The project released its first track in 2022, followed by a split with Shining before announcing the release of Länge leve döden, its first album, on Avantgarde Music, for 2023.

The introduction of As Seen Through the Eyes of the Prophet, the first track, is strangely soft for the description I had been given of the project, but one can quickly feel the darkness which is about to resurface, and this first icy riff is the concrete proof that which drastically change the atmosphere. The singer’s typical raw vocals perfectly fit to this haunting and devastated musical landscape inspired by Black Metal’s most Old School roots, just like on Det som en gång var (det kommer aldrig igen) which is more aggressive after a disturbing sample. The atmosphere remains oppressive with the dirty and dissonant mix, but the musicians’ unhealthy and uncontrollable energy coupled with majestic orchestrations is incredibly catchy, letting the final gently drive us to Din skördetid är nu kommen and its soaring harmonics. The basis remains suffocating and impenetrable, but these melodious guitar and bass additions give the track a whole new flavor, creating an incredible contrast with the seizing screams before taking on an almost mystical shade with Länge leve den ansiktslöse mördaren, a track which returns to heartbreaking aggressiveness. Despite a rather virulent rhythmic, the track is quite soaring and remains dark, creating again an almost total break with the soft central break before fury is ignited again. The sound gradually disappears to let Parallellt dubbelliv close the album by mixing dissonant and hazy riffs with intense vocals and a solid rhythmic basis which knows how to be as aggressive as haunting.

The alliance of Høstsol‘s musicians allows them to create a Black Metal rooted in Old School sounds while drawing from the specificities of each one. Länge leve döden will delight the melodies enthusiasts as well as those who prefer straightforward and raw riffs.


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