Review 1524 : Bis·nte – Broken – English

Welcome back, Bis·nte.

After a first album in 2020, year of its creation, the duo formed by Vicente Payá (guitar/bass, Golgotha, Unbounded Terror, Holycide) and María J. Lladó (vocals, Golgotha) announces the release of Broken, their second album, in 2022 by Xtreem Music.

The mysterious Army of Faith is the first one to bewitch us between heaviness and majestic orchestrations before hypnotic vocals come to hover over the heavy rhythmic. Haunting tones welcome some dissonant leads which perfectly answer the singer before a melancholic piano leads us to Can You Save Me which reveals softer accents, perfectly blended with the riffs’ heaviness. A few more energetic elements gradually ignite before the track finds its dark quietness, followed by the solemn In the Other Side, which will still welcome some massive Doom/Death-like screams to contrast with main vocals before letting bells accompany the final part until Mother Nature, a composition offering an energetic introduction, followed by a haunting sweetness. The contrast between the two extremes is intense but extremely coherent, especially when the cavernous screams resurface to accompany that enchanting voice, which will be found on the disturbing Of Love Undone and its invading riffs too. Leads once again bring the more soothing heady touch as the vocalist who guides us through these waves of tranquility before The Evil Inside lets darkness resurface. The raw strength is erased by the vocalist’s intervention, but it easily emerges again to fuel the impressive contrast, then the two voices unite before letting Venom in the Blood close the album with slow and hypnotic riffs which sometimes offer a place to orchestrations and heady leads.

Bis·nte‘s recipe is simple, but extremely efficient: on Broken, massive riffs meet softer parts accompanied by bewitching vocals, some cavernous screams or majestic orchestrations to trap our mind.


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