Review 1525 : Nachtmaer – Van de Mare Bereen – English

Welcome to Nachtmaer.

Created by Wim « Snoodaert » Callebaut (all instruments, Kludde, Welcome to Holyland) in Belgium, the project announces the release of Van de Mare Bereen, his first album, on his label Thenra Collectivum. The musician called upon several vocalists of the Belgian scene to accompany him.

The album starts in dissonance with Marevlechten, an intriguing first composition that bewitches us with majestic sounds before letting Black Metal roots crush us under a cloud of aggressiveness contrasted by ambient tonalities. Screams also play a role in the oppression developed by these cold but heady riffs, feeding the Old School and unhealthy aspect of this massive composition which will give way to Mijn Vlucht door de Nacht, a more raw and energetic track than the previous one which will easily recall the style’s early bases, accompanied by persistent ambient keyboards. We will also find haunting and soaring parts which develop the track’s most airy tonalities with ethereal harmonics before returning to a more energetic drumming until I Am the Nightmare comes to offer sharp and ghostly leads to guide us to this fog of screams. The incisive rhythmic will of course resurface afterwards, giving life to the icy tornado that keeps the airy elements while alternating between speed and slowness in the company of distant voices. De Drievoudschart, the last track, immediately shrouds us with its heavy and haunting sounds, letting its Black Metal roots with majestic influences constantly feed the contrast, then guitar and keyboards will take turns to give a diversified touch to this suffocating sound before the rhythmic explodes, letting vocals become more aggressive and intense to reach this climax where keyboards put an end by slowly leading us to nothingness

Nachtmaer builds darkness before giving it life on Van de Mare Bereen, a first album inspired by the greatest which offers a majestic and ethereal touch to its compositions.


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