Review 1526 : Admire the Grim – Rogue Five – English

It’s time for Admire the Grim to unveil their first EP.

Formed in 2021 in Finland, the band composed of Katri Snellman (vocals, ex-Finis Mentis), Jani Loikkanen (guitar), Sirja Ojaniemi (guitar), Kalle Raatikainen (bass) and Tommi Vante (drums) signs with Inverse Records and announces Rogue Five for 2023.

The band immediately attacks with The Flood, a track that places typical Melodic Death jerky riffs with their Nordic influences, followed by an aggressive growl which sometimes turns into softer clean vocals. The energetic rhythmic offers the sharp leads a solid basis just like on Mad Queen of the Second Sun which also draws from cold Thrash to give its riffs a bloody flavor. Melodies appear as natural as ever in this wave of rage, leading us to Admire the Grim, a slightly quieter composition which also leaves more room for clean and backing vocals. The track does not hide its slightly more accessible Swedish influences, as well as the guitarists’ desire to place long and intense solos before Rogue Five closes the EP in a catchy and energetic mix which leaves as much room for raw saturated vocals as for motivating riffs.

With strong Swedish and Finnish influences, Admire the Grim delivers catchy riffs of an already well known and appreciated mix. Rogue Five knows what to take from Melodic Death and does it well.


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