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The time has come for Drudensang.

Formed in 2009 in Germany under the name Blackhorned Wargoat, the band changed its name to Ravnsvart from 2010 to 2013, and then to Drudensang. After three demos, three splits, two live albums and an EP, Krámpn (vocals/bass, Hexenfluch, ex-Ravnsvart), Dragg (bass/vocals, Aphelium Aeternum, ex-Schrat), Percht (guitar), Henker (keyboards, Atronos, ex-Skilfingar, ex-Temple of Oblivion), Nefastus (drums, ex-Belphegor, ex-Debauchery) and Lemarchant (guitar) announce the release of Tuiflsrijtt, their first album.

Although Drudensang‘s existence is quite recent compared to some other bands, they perfectly achieve to know their inspirations and how to take advantage of them to create an as tortured as melodious universe in nine tracks.

Rooted in a raw Old School style, the band’s fast riffs are qualified by majestic keyboards coupled with sharp but still very melancholic and heady leads, creating an as aggressive as soothing mix on which the vocalist’s rocky screams, sometimes accompanied by choirs, come to guide us, before letting us get lost in this cold wind.

The sequence between tracks is very fluid, and I was particularly seduced by the icy Rutengang – Ritus der Habergoaß, followed by the energetic Von Druden zerfetzt which offers us regular waves of rage, as well as by Raserey der Krampen and its Pagan roots which are perfectly integrated to a raw Melodic Black Metal. The band will finally surprise us with Marterfeld – Seelenzug ins Totenreich, an outro composed of soaring keyboards and samples, which perfectly fit their universe’s darkness, reminding Krampen erwacht – Aufbruch, the unhealthy introduction.

It took almost ten years for Drudensang to unveil a studio album, but our wait is rewarded. Tuiflsrijtt is a melodious, intense, sharp, impressive and ice-cold album which mixes diverse influences under the name of pure darkness, making it a real treasure for those who appreciate it.


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Few questions to Krámpn, leader of the band Drudensang.

Hello and first of all, thank you very much for your time! Could you please introduce the band Drudensang without using the usual “Metal” labels?
Krámpn (vocals): Drudensang exists since 2013 and comes from the Bavarian Forest, the border triangle of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. “Drudensang” is a world we have created for ourselves. The quintessence is about higher objectives, to cross borders and tear them down to completly detach oneself from the shackles of habitual, external influences and to turn our backs on reality. Drudensang is the flame that is our source and fire as we enter unknown worlds. The “band” Drudensang is a material form of what we have created. With narrow tunnels that we have opened it allows people a certain access into this place. But in general, people have to understand that this world is our own, and shut to strangers.

What is the link between the band’s name and the music you play?
Krámpn: The name Drudensang is made up of the words “Drude”, a witch creature from the Bavarian Forest, a kind of night alp, and “Sang”, an old german word for “curse”, today used as “chant” and “wail“. Drudensang represents the devil worship in combination with the ancient devilish myths and traditions of Bavaria and Austria. The focus is on the Krampus and Perchtencult, witchcraft and the evil spirits of the twelve nights between the years (Rauhnächte). The devils and demons of our homeland have an extreme magical effect to us, which is musically lived out at Drudensang. We are deeply ingrained in these traditions and we practice with passion the rites of this old heritage – this is also a central aspect of our lives. So this guided us more and more to this band name.

Tuiflsrijtt, your first studio full-length, has been out for a few months now. How do you feel about it? What does its name mean?
Krámpn: Well, that’s pretty hard to describe, because when you’ve been struggling and bleeding with something for about two years and it’s finally out, it’s hard to express a clear feeling about it. I would say it feels like a very, very powerful thing that we created with this album. It’s like standing in the middle of a big explosion.The title Tuiflsrijtt means the the “Devil’s Ride” in lower Bavarian dialect and has several meanings for us. On the one hand, it reflects the devils figure of the furious Krampus and the rage of the wild hunt through the twelve nights between the years (Rauhnächte). On the other hand, it stands for our own devil´s ride, our own wild hunt with Drudensang itself.

To me, your compositions sound both pretty raw but also very melodic. How do you achieve to create such a balance between all those elements?
Krámpn: The only thing that we aim to “satisfy” are the Goals to whom our music is directed. Drudensang is not a predetermined concept based on patterns and intention, but rather a magical eruption of passion, violence and liberation. In the end, the complete work must be implemented in such a way that it reflects Drudensang in every way, whether atmosphere, melodies, roughness, etc… We always have clear ideas and visions in our heads and every little detail is thought through and has relevance.

What inspires you to create your music? Same question for the lyrics.
Krámpn: The devil and his sons. For me, it is the best way to access the energy for inspiration, the rites of devilish spirits between the years, the Krampen- and Perchten ceremonies, so to speak. As soon as I slip into this role in winter and put on the mask and start this devil’s ride, power and ideas flow in me. The right environment is basically always around us, our home environment, the Bavarian Forest and the Alpine region with the associated rather unknown dark myths and legends, triggers something in us that nothing else creates in everyday life. And we try to embody, process, intensify and in a certain way also to preserve and make retrievable these moods and thoughts in our music.

I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube of Drudensang live shows, including Sinister Howling 2022 and Under The Black Sun 2019, but how do you feel before going on stage? How do you feel when you’re on stage?
Krámpn: The live shows are a very fundamental part of everything we do. They’re like the gasoline to fire – we need it to preserve the energy that flows into Drudensang, and it’s moments when we’re just completely detached and one with what we’re doing, and that’s a very, very important thing for us. This is what drives us in many ways. Well, before we go on stage we feel entranced, furious and profound to recall everything we need for the ceremony, a very mystical moment. and on stage we are completely liberated, raptured and immersed in our world, very powerful, energetic and full of Magick.

Do you think your stage outfits/makeup and scenery elements are important to improve the music’s ambience?
Krámpn: Yes, definitely. It is a part of the philosophy of Drudensang, which we personify, such a performance is part of the dehumanization and supports the state of rapture during the ceremonies. Furthermore every ceremony needs specific props to be celebrated as such. A ceremony involves focusing on a specific goal that someone wants to achieve. It´s also about being able to perceive the elements of Drudensang with all your senses, to see them, to smell them, to feel them and, of course, to hear them. Each component has its meaning and serves a specific purpose and are very important in combination with the music of Drudensang.

Do you have plans for the band’s future? Whether it is about live shows, new material, or even anything else.
Krámpn: A European tour together with Total Hate, Whiskey Ritual and Amystery is planned for February 2023. At the same time, new material is constantly being created. We don’t really have plans or anything like that. We write because we have to. Because our hearts tell us that they, that we explode, if we don’t write. That’s why we write, because we exist for this.

Are there any musicians or bands you would like to collaborate with? Whether it is for one song, an album…
Krámpn: I would say musicians or bands with a similar philosophy as we and who are able to recognize it.

Last question: which bands would you love to tour with? I let you create a tour (or just a single show) with Drudensang as opener and three other bands!
Krámpn: Definitely bands that have a certain kind of philosophy behind their music. There are some bands we would play with but also many where we would refuse. For me, this represents everything I am and I expect the same from artists I appreciate.

That was the last question for me, so thank you very much for your time and your music, last words are yours!
Krámpn: Stay morbid! Rouhnåchtsgeyster & Krampenfeyr

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