Review 1539 : Northern Lights – Oracle – English

Northern Lights comes back with a new EP!

Three years after their first album, the French band composed of Luca Depaul (vocals), Jonathann Colas (guitar), Alexis Schneider (guitar/backing vocals), William Martin (bass) and Jeffrey Lassere (drums/backing vocals) announces the release of Oracle at the beginning of the year 2023.

The band starts its EP with House of God, a mysterious then aggressive track.. In addition to the jerky basis, we will notice abrasive screamed vocals with Hardcore influences, more worked harmonics as well as a surprising clean voice, which will feed the composition’s pure Metalcore contrast. Raw rage gives way to Judgement which goes on more Old School roots before the clean vocals chorus offers almost playful tones, which also contrast with the dark break. On the rhythmic side, they remain in an efficiency adorned with some dissonance followed by a heavy break before Temperance takes over, revealing deeper and heavier tones, even in clean vocals. The abrasive rhythmic will be a great one to mosh, then the short break leads us to the final, as well as to The Moon, a track unveiled in 2021 with the participation of Flo(Void)Curatt on vocals, giving an addition of aggressiveness to a catchy and heady track, especially on the break. The Game, the last track of the EP, will bring the chorus a touch of softness, creating a real cleavage between the track’s different parts, while remaining consistent with their universe until the last moment.

Although the band had already offered us a taste with a first track, the release of Oracle is an interesting addition to the French Metalcore scene. Northern Lights cultivate their vocal duality with their own touch, while borrowing from the heavyweights.


Version Française ?

Few questions to the band Northern Lights.

Hello and first of all thank you for your time! How would you present the Northern Lights project without using the usual « Metal » labels ?
Jeffrey: It’s angry rock with clean vocals and angry vocals!
William: It’s like a donut! You have a hole of clean vocals with screamed vocals all around!

Where does the name of the band come from, and how do you relate it to the music you play?
Luca: It means « Aurora Borealis », we thought that the name corresponded rather well to the band’s music at the beginning, and today we are well identified with it so we keep it!

In 2023, the band releases Oracle, its new EP. Do you already have any feedback on it?
Jeffrey: Yes, we have already had some feedback on it, it’s positive, from the press, from professionals but also from the public who reacted quite well to the different singles we released over the years.

How did the composition process go? As well as the writing of the lyrics?
Alexis: In general it starts with a riff that is mainly influenced by my listening of the moment. Then I embroider around the riff. I have an overall idea of the structure of the song and then I build this musical puzzle with the pieces that come to me.
Jeff: I get his part with a drum kit that Alexis programmed, I break it down and re-compose it to make it my own.
Luca: For the writing of the lyrics I was inspired by the Tarot of Marseille. Each song is linked to a card. I transpose the meanings of the cards with experiences I’ve had or picked up around me, and I add some literary or cinematographic references. And boom, right in the pussy!

The EP comes out three years after your first album, do you feel an evolution compared to the two releases?
Jeff: Production for sure! I recorded, mixed and mastered the first album, but for this EP we worked with Anthony Chognard and Kris Crummet. Then Northern Lights had some changes in the line up so the musical sensibilities are different.

How do you manage the placement of voices? How do you decide to place clean vocals in addition to the saturated vocals?
Jeff: Usually clean vocals are on the chorus, I listen to the song and I have the melody that comes to me. I record a demo of several different choruses and we choose together.
Luca: I go by feeling, in the studio we decided that I add a touch of clean vocals on a verse for Temperance. We try things, we experiment and we keep the version that suits us all. That’s the advantage of recording by yourself, you don’t have pressure on time.

On the track The Moon, released in 2021, you welcome Flo(Void)Curat, how was the collaboration with him?
Luca: Jeff is a fan of Flo, and he is actually one of my best friends! So I called him up and said « bro, do you want to come and sing on this track? » He listened to the demo, loved the track and did all the vocals with us. It was a very simple thing to do because Flo is like family.

What are your plans for the future of the band ? Whether it’s a possible live show, other releases…
Jeffrey: We’ve been working on a new show for the release of the EP. Lights, samples, interludes.
Luca: For the concerts we open for Psykup and Dropdead Chaos at the Silex on February 3th, the next day we play at the Ranch with Protogonos. We play with Protogonos again on February 17th in Paris. We have dates in the making, festivals. We also prepare some unreleased material that we will release later.

Are there any musicians with whom you would like to collaborate? Whether it’s for a track, an album…
Jeffrey: Aaron Matts, Landmvrks
Luca: I would love Cody from Wage War to write a single for us! He’s the one who did the last Falling In Reverse which I love!

Which bands would you like to tour with ? I’ll let you create a tour or a date with Northern Lights and three other bands!
Jeffrey: Ten56, Landmvrks, Ashen and Northern Lights for sure!
Luca: What about Resolve? They were on the European tour!
Alexis: I take Resolve! I add While She Sleeps and Currents!
William: Jinjer, Wage War and Born of Osiris!
Jeffrey: So you leave Currents on the highway at the beginning of the tour! You’re not cool!
Luca: I would say, Spiritbox, Falling in Reverse and As They Burn! I love As They Burn!

Thanks again for being available, last words are yours!
Jeffrey: Thank you.
Alexis : Raclette and potatoes !
William : See you on stage!
Luca: Thanks for the support to you and to those who follow us.

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