Review 1540 : Celestial Scourge – Dimensions Unfurled – English

Celestial Scourge announces its first EP.

Created in Norway, the band that gathers Eirik Waadeland (vocals), Stian Gundersen (bass), Kristoffer Lunden (drums), Hans Jakob Bjørheim (guitar) and Sindre Wathne Johnsen (guitar) unveil Dimensions Unfurled, which will be released in 2023 on Time To Kill Records.

Guitars were recorded by Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole, Equipoise, Greylotus…).

The Vast Profound immediately falls upon us with an as complex as chaotic sound which lets blast and powerful screams lead the rhythmic to dissonant jerky parts. The mix remains very coherent when lead parts appear, just like Moon Dweller which takes over with the same recipe of pure and extremely worked rage. The track will also offer a groovy moshpart between two piercing leads before ending on a heavy break, then Elliptical Orbit attacks with heavy and efficient Old School patterns which perfectly match with the omnipresent and jerky technicality. It will end to let Dimensions Unfurled hit us with an equally raw mix letting each instrument bring its part of unbridled violence before slowing down to place a characteristically Brutal Death groove, but the track is quite short, and it is followed by Mortal Sun, the last composition, which completes the EP with an additional fix of rage and complexity under the Death Metal banner.

Very short, Dimensions Unfurled makes us understand that the musicians know how to place fast and crushing riffs in all circumstances. Celestial Scourge comes in by the main entrance.


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