Review 1546 : Inherits The Void – The Impending Fall Of The Stars – English

Inherits The Void continues its adventure with a second album.

Since his first EP in 2019, Antoine Scholtès (all instruments/vocals) has not stopped creating. After a first album at the end of 2021 with Avantgarde Music, the musician unveils The Impending Fall Of The Stars.

The Impending Fall Of The Stars immediately calls for a surge with an as visceral as melodious rage, letting furious blast and visceral screams meet waves of heady and intense, more soothing melodies. Keyboards and choirs also join the mix, which barely slows down to give way to Palingenesis and its pervasive darkness, always accompanied by those possessed screams. The only lulls come in layers of haunting dissonance, but the fast rhythmic basis is never far away, and even if the storm tends to calm down, Where The Oceans Lost Their Light will rekindle the flame with airy melodies, which the musician couples to his abrasive vocals just like on Sullen Laments Of The Wanderers, a track anchored in a rather Old School atmosphere topped by enchanting keyboards. The two ambiances clash while offering a seizing show until a heavier final, which leads us to Whispering Silence, a short and sweet interlude. Quietness does not last, because Endless Nocturnal Mask will come to add its dark veil on a fast and incisive rhythmic which does not hesitate to reveal melancholic tones or ghostly choruses before lacerating us again with intense leads followed by Crimson Slumber. If the luminous introduction can surprise, the massive rhythmic soon joins to make us suffocate under double kick, blast and dissonance before the final leads us to While The Night Seizes Of The Burning Sun, the longest track, which skilfully mixes raw and fast Old School influences with this majestic soaring touch. A few distant words slow the rhythmic down, accelerating again with aggressive patterns before the ambient keyboards give the aggressive wave airy and melodic tones, especially during the break, which drive us to Oracle Of A Forgotten Grief which comes to end the album with a solid composition gradually adorned with Dungeon Synth tones to create a massive musical wave.

The evolution of Inherits The Void is undeniable. If the quality of his productions keeps increasing, it is certain that the creator does not limit himself to a simple Melodic Black Metal, making The Impending Fall Of The Stars a rich and surprising album which has everything of a classic.


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