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Welcome to Nemesism into the Brutal Death scene.

Formed in the United States by the alliance of Andrew LoMastro (vocals, Cerebral Incubation), Bruno Macias Quezada (bass), Randall Thompson (guitar, Guttural Secrete, Euphegenia) and Michael Fitzgerald (drums, Guttural Secrete), the band announces the release of their debut EP, Nemesism, for 2023.

The band called upon Ryan Wechta (Cerebral Incubation, Guttural Secrete, Invirulant…) for recording, mixing and mastering as well as Bahrull Marta (Asagraum, Centinex, Illdisposed) for the creation of the ominous artwork which reveals a massive sound with Mindful Abomination, the first track. The crushing Old School influences mixed with explosive patterns that let raw aggressiveness express itself as much in the jerky rhythmic as in massive screams, which continue to Absolved in the Abyss, the next track, which also lets its complex riffs mix with pure efficiency. Very short, the track allows the musicians to fuel their fury with a continuous wave of rage which leads us to Constricting the Ambient Noise and its ominous darkness made of dissonance, contrasting a bit with the greasy strength. The track remains as thoughtful and worked as powerful and groovy, but it will end in an oppressive void before Terminal Spreading Depolarization emerges to strike us with a new fix of fast and controlled violence. The band doesn’t hesitate to include screaming harmonics in its frantic rhythmic covered with blast that doesn’t allow any dead time, not even on Delusions of Morality, the last track, which lets fast and technical parts answer to more direct and murderous Old School elements.

Despite the evolution of the style, Nemesism plays with Old School sounds to make its Brutal Death a real thick and crushing wave. Nemesism is only the first stone of a monument of worked violence which only asks to be expressed.


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