Review 1559 : FVNERALS – Let the Earth Be Silent – English

FVNERALS takes shape again.

Formed in 2013 in England by the alliance of Tiffany Ström (vocals/bass) and Syd Scarlet (guitar), the duo enlisted the help of Thomas Vaccargiu (drums) for the recording of Let the Earth Be Silent, their third album, which will be released in early 2023 by Prophecy Productions.

Ashen Era, the first track, arrives gradually to reveal its darkness and oppression, contrasted by a soothing mystical sound. Saturation will join the mix to make it haunting and heavy while pushing both elements to the extreme to accentuate the complementary cleavage before this final with Noise influences which leads us to Descent and its slow dissonance that explodes while remaining anchored in the dark sounds. The song is quite short compared to the others, but it perfectly serves the occult atmosphere emerging from the Doom/Dark Ambient mix by leading us to For Horror Eats the Light and its majestic tones soaked with Shoegaze influences. Saturation joins the oniric sounds the band perfectly handles to bewitch us before letting Annihilation take over by invoking ritualistic tones before letting heavy riffs do their work. The massive drum hits bring the sound extra strength before quietness unveils the short Rust and its mystical elements, followed by Yearning and its heady riffs to accompany mousy vocal parts. The atmosphere is much more suffocating on this track which borrows once again from the mystical range to develop strange and oppressive sounds before Barren comes to weigh the atmosphere down with a haunting and incredibly slow sound tinged with Funeral Doom before a soothing and airy interlude allows us to breathe before the intense final part.

FVNERALS’ Dark Ambient and Doom roots perfectly melt to offer a unique blend rooted in occult, mystical and heavy sounds. With Let the Earth Be Silent, the band is going to leave a mark.


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