Review 1560 : Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy – English

Sanguisugabogg is ready for a new mischief.

Formed in 2019 in the United States, the band now composed of Devin Swank (vocals, Limbsplitter, Dyskinesia, Skag), Cody Davidson (drums, Skag, Dyskinesia, Crypt Hammer, Death Fetish), Ced Davis (guitar, Dyskinesia, ex-Sermos) and Drew Arnold (guitar, Mutilatred) has announced the release of Homicidal Ecstasy, their second album, still through Century Media Records.

Black Market Vasectomy is the first track to crush us with its groovy and thick rhythm, complemented by a characteristic Old School drum sound, massive catchy screams, and a savage Death/Grind approach. There are no quiet moments until Face Ripped Off, which quickly returns to a jerky, aggressive and heavy pattern which reminds us of the band’s brutal origins. Pissed also keeps the abrasive approach with an extremely saturated and low-tuned sound coupled with driving riffs, whether on a slow or higher tempo, then Testicular Rot revives the Hardcore/Beatdown influences that wonderfully complement their thick and crushing sound. The short Hungry for Your Insides will hit with an equally effective and catchy raw strength, then Skin Cushion will again speed the tempo up with chaotic riffs covering a fast double kick to accompany the cavernous screams. The dark and disturbing final leads us to A Lesson in Savagery, a perfectly named composition which won’t take long to break our neck with a mammoth  rhythmic, followed by the equally violent Narcissistic Incisions which will more or less apply the same logic to build its explosive riffs. The album continues with Mortal Admonishment which will quickly nail us to the ground with technical hints which perfectly fit the thick sound, but also thanks to some more dissonant riffs like on Proclamation of the Frail and its complex aggressiveness drawing from Old School roots. We will notice the final moshpart and its particularly powerful tones before Necrosexual Deviant literally bludgeons us during all its duration. The album will end with Feening for Bloodshed, a last composition remaining in the continuity of this massive efficiency between two raw accelerations of an extremely massive Death Metal.

I discovered Sanguisugabogg with their previous album, and it didn’t take me long to appreciate this as raw as thick surge of power. Homicidal Ecstasy confirms my first impression, and strengthens a discography made of violent and heavy sounds.


Version Française ?

Interview to come.

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