Review 1561 : Deadmoon – While It Fades Forever – English

Deadmoon has announced the release of its first EP.

Created in Brazil by August (all instruments/vocals), the project unveils While It Fades Forever in early 2023.

With only two tracks for barely fifteen minutes of sound, the musician doesn’t waste a single moment to bring his heavy Atmospheric Black Metal to life on Dwelling In Painful Memories, which begins with ominous sounds. Tortured and cold riffs populated with desperate screams quickly follow, letting dissonance and blast answer each other and successively feed the rhythmic, but the softer and melodic sounds are never far away, creating a heady contrast that leaves the darkness aside to better explode it. The hatred wave will end with a seizing scream before Goodbye, the second and final track, develops its own heavy atmosphere with strange noises, followed by quite progressive and soaring riffs, joined by screams of pain. Hypnotic leads will ignite the rhythmic again to let it fully express its hatred and sadness to finally fade into nothingness.

I won’t lie to you, While It Fades Forever is short, very short. But it allows Deadmoon to make us discover their tortured and dark universe, which seems really promising. 


Version Française?

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