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In Flames, pioneers of Swedish-made Melodic Death, are back.

Created in 1990 in Gothenburg, the band will gradually detach from the style they created to explore Groove and Metalcore sounds at the end of the 00s . With Foregone, their fourteenth album, which will be released in 2023, Anders Fridén (vocals, ex-Dark Tranquillity, ex-Ceremonial Oath), Björn Gelotte (guitar), Bryce Paul Newman (bass/backing vocals), Tanner Wayne (drums) and Chris Broderick (guitar, Act of Defiance, ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Megadeth) are announcing a return to their roots.

The Beginning Of All Things That Will End unveils a rather pessimistic clean sound which builds a melancholic atmosphere accompanied by some strings before State Of Slow Decay, the first track unveiled, comes to weigh down the mix. The rumbling bass, the devastating blast and the sharp guitars develop a perfect basis to welcome the vocalist’s unique screams which become suffocating before the catchy chorus, making this track a real bridge between the band’s roots and its more modern productions just like Meet Your Maker and its stunning introduction. The vocalist literally crushes us while the rhythmic continuously strikes us with some mastered clean vocal parts, then the wave of raw strength blows us back. Leads are not left out, just like this devastating double kick supported by a heavy mix which will also rage on Bleeding Out, a track with a more modern and groovy approach which remains effective and catchy. Between massive screams and heady clean vocals, the track remains rhythmic before Foregone Pt 1 relaunches the oppression with its surge, sometimes accompanied by impressive orchestral elements or melancholic leads. Foregone Pt 2 will complete the composition with slower and soaring tonalities the band perfectly integrates with more raw but also melodious and catchy elements before Pure Light Of Mind comes back with this as dark as heady Swedish touch. Once again, clean vocals take an important place in this contrasted track in the company of screamed choruses, then The Great Deceiver comes to roll over us with an as accessible as effective mix to unleash the crowds on stage (I lived it). The track also reconciles the band’s roots with its more modern elements before In The Dark comes to offer a more disturbing sound, going as far as integrating strange cybernetic orchestrations with a Heavy Metal touch in the leads. A Dialogue In b Flat Minor comes back in this groovy melodious universe the band explored in the second half of the 2000’s with soaring keyboards mixed with simple but heavy riffs, then Cynosure will come to surprise us with an extremely melodious bass that sometimes joins guitars for dissonant touches. The track will speak to the fans of the last albums while leading us to End The Transmission, the last track, which will return to Melodic Death’s crushing tones while the mix makes the track heavy, letting strangely sweet choruses close the album.

In Flames have created their own hybrid style between Melodic Death and Metalcore. Whether the early fans could be disappointed in the past, the band will please them with Foregone, which still keeps this heavy and dark modern touch. More than a revival, it is a real consecration.


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