Review 1579 : Tryglav – The Ritual – English

Tryglav unveils its new album.

Entitled The Ritual, it is the second one from the Croatian musician Boris Behara (all instruments) who has been playing Melodic Black Metal for years, accompanied by vocalist Callum Wright.

The Ritual, the first and eponymous track, strikes us with cold and scathing riffs before the ghostly screams join the dark mix. We also have some more melancholic tones when the rhythmic slows down and on the final which guides us to The Evocation, an equally majestic composition which focuses on Old School tones. Although quite short, the track remains very effective, while The Plague will take the time to establish an occult atmosphere before unleashing the frantic riffs accompanied by a massive double kick, sometimes replaced by a solid blast. Some Black/Death roots also slip in the roughest parts, but the heady melodies take over again and the musician easily floods us with his darkness before The Repentance comes to lacerate us thanks to sharp guitars, which blend particularly well with the impressive rhythmic. The vocal parts are also perfectly managed, strengthening the heavy but enchanting atmosphere while driving us to the short The Redemption which gives again a way to an eerie atmosphere, especially thanks to strange leads. The track will end in this same mystery, giving birth to The Vision, a softer and airy track letting soaring melodies mix with a majestic basis, while developing this dark but heady universe. The final also welcomes some choirs before The Vengeance, the last track, comes to put a final touch to this mystical adventure with devastating sounds worthy of the most powerful surges while letting screams and sharp leads give rage waves some relief until the last moments.

With The Ritual, Tryglav offers us a new quality element to discover his majestic and dark universe. Although a little short, the album remains excellent and very rich, letting all its influences clash for a heady result.


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