Review 1586 : To The Grave – Director’s Cuts – English

To The Grave regains control with their new album.

Formed in 2010, the Australian band now consisting of Dane Evans (vocals), Tom Cadden (guitar), Simon O’Malley (drums), Matt Clarke (bass) and Jack Simoni (guitar) has announced the release of Director’s Cuts, their fourth album, via Unique Leader Records.

Warning Shot, the first track, will immediately place jerky riffs and wild screams to create an effective but short moshpart which gets heavier and heavier at the end, before Red Dot Sight comes to ignite the fury again with dry riffs and some scary samples. The modern mix perfectly blends with the apocalyptic atmosphere and the cavernous screams as well as the piercing shrieks, and it will be the same on Full Sequence which lets scathing harmonics join the energetic and devastating mix. The chaotic break will undoubtedly be dedicated to the stage to make the pit shake before dipping into dark and unhealthy influences as well as Hardcore roots to lead us to B.D.T.S. which will reveal oppressive sounds before unleashing the raw strength while controlling the Beatdown-tinged riffs. The band continues with Protest & Sever, a track that retains their aggressive and abrasive roots while welcoming Sam Crocker from New Zealand’s Antagonist A.D. to add an extra raw touch, then Manhunt, a warlike composition which will awaken the most primal instincts of a sweaty pit with explosive moshparts. The final lead part will drop us on Found Footage, a composition with an ominous intro, followed by heavy riffs and devastating vocal parts, then by Axe of Kindness which goes back to Deathcore’s roots with catchy heaviness and raging guitars, but also some intense choirs and a crazy pig squeal. The band welcomes Jesse Christiansen for the track Reversing the Bear Trap, mixing their devastating style with even more raw touches before Cut off the Head comes in to place an aggressive groove to a fast sound. The track is monstrously heavy, especially on the final, but it will let the very long Die, Rise close the album with an oppressive atmosphere, followed by their aggressive riffs completed by a massive double pedal, inhuman screams and even worked leads before an epic final part.

To The Grave pushes Deathcore boundaries back by including elements from other styles to forge their own massive and heavy sound. Director’s Cuts is an essential album for any fan of modern violence.


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