Review 1587 : Kamala – Karma – English

Kamala returns to deliver its sixth album.

Created in 2003 in Brazil, the band led by Raphael Olmos (guitar/vocals), Isabela Moraes (drums/vocals, ex-Sinaya) and Zé Cantelli (bass, ex-D.N.R.) signs with M&O Music for the release of Karma.

Forgive the Weak, the first track, reveals fast-paced Thrash roots and a massive but extremely catchy sound, to which the band will add dissonant melodies and vindictive vocal parts. The Hardcore influences are also recognizable, partly thanks to backing vocals, but Brazilian Thrash’s jerky sound returns on Karma, the eponymous track, which reminds us of the early days’ raw groove of this style. Sharp leads contrast with the haunting female vocals and the effective rhythmic duet leading us to My Will Be Done, a rather unifying track which will let the band explore still aggressive tones but they’re sometimes also borrowed from Heavy or Speed Metal. Made Me Bleed, the next track, remains anchored in the effective Old School basis while placing explosive lead parts as well as more mysterious parts with female vocals. The mix leads us to Fear, some dark composition that takes advantage of Thrash Metal’s aggressiveness to let hints of darkness seep into raw riffs, like this unexpected airy break, then Never Enough returns to an abrasive speed coupled with catchy riffs. Although the track sometimes calms down with female backing vocals, it keeps a powerful approach, and the final moshpart where dissonant leads clash will give way to Dharma, a soothing interlude allowing us to breathe before Delusion hits us with its raw groove. The energy never seems to subside, even when a sample takes the vocals’ place on a more dissonant part followed by an inspired solo then a moshpart lets Misery and Pain close the album with this lively mix forged in pure violence led by three musicians in full shape.

Between sharp Thrash, vindictive Hardcore roots and Old School influences, Kamala anchors themselves in violence to spread their message. A few soft spots can also be heard on Karma, but expect pure rage!


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