Review 1594 : Balls Out – Volume 2 : Hot Mom – English

Balls Out is back in action with its new EP.

Since their first release in 2018, the French Hard Rock band consisting of Pat Gioan (vocals/bass), Pierre Pizana (drums), Sonny Micucci (guitar) and Yann Vautrin (guitar) has been making waves across France. In 2023, the group announced the release of Volume 2: Hot Mom.

The band attacks with Have a Seat on Me, a long composition with Blues/Country influences supported by this basis of groovy and melodious ballsy Rock, to which a raucous voice is added. The catchy rhythmic lets the band place more sharp or heavy elements, as well as ominous melodies to close the track, and give way to Hot Mom, the eponymous song, which quickly becomes more playful and energetic by reviving Hard Rock’s basis. Piercing leads also fuel the catchy contrast, just like on Bite the Pillow, a rather fast track on which the band goes wild while placing jerky riffs which will ensure them a motivated audience. Once again, the solo brings a different touch while remaining focused on this fast-playing pattern before the last unifying chorus lets Blinded by the Shot close the EP with a groovy mid-tempo sound which mixes regular jerky riffs, some cutting harmonics and the mysterious vocal touch.

Balls Out takes Hard Rock roots while injecting various influences to bring to life their own version of the style. Volume 2: Hot Mom will heat the atmosphere up and get your head bobbing all summer long!


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