Review 1599 : Omega Infinity – The Anticurrent – English

Omega Infinity rises again.

After a first massive album in 2020, Tentakel P. (all instruments, Enmerkar, Todtgelichter) and Xenoyr (vocals, Antiqva, Ne Obliviscaris) continue their adventure with Season of Mist for the release of The Anticurrent, their second opus.

The Alpha, the first composition, immediately exposes us to the chaotic mix influenced by Death, Black and Doom Metal. The terrifying screams seem to come from everywhere at once, letting blast and ominous keyboards feed this oppressive and abysmal atmosphere, overflown by some more melodious hints before indulging in a quietness only disturbed by keyboards, followed by Creation, a track on which the abrasive rage crushes softness. Once again, samples and keyboards offer a heavy atmosphere with an aggressive basis, whether it is when the rhythmic wildly stamps on us or when the slowness hypnotizes us before making us sink into darkness to join Iron Age and its majestic sounds on which the band welcomes Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires, Avantasia) to bring a touch of softness which contrasts with unhealthy darkness. Rage obviously takes over again, leading us to Banish Us From Eden, a dissonant and surprising track which lets a driving groove live together with possessed screams and a suffocating atmosphere. To The Stars returns to saturated, jerky Old School influences before incorporating heady, strangely soft keyboards and fairly experimental ambient elements which contrast again with violence before welcoming Lindsay Schoolcraft (Antiqva, ex-Cradle of Filth) to pace and temper Death Rays, which anchors itself in haunting sounds and intense sonic duality. The track imperceptibly strengthens until the two vocalists are unleashed before Voices From The End Of Time takes over with András Nagy (Sear Bliss) to give this very long track a powerful vocal duet while the instrumental crosses all the spheres of their varied musical universe. We will also notice a vocal sample towards the middle, which will break the dynamics by directing the composition towards something more airy while remaining very dark.

András Nagy stays with the band for a cover of one of his band’s tracks, Night Journey, to which the duo adds its strange and disturbing touch, while obviously keeping the Atmospheric Black Metal basis. The experience is interesting, and it confirms again the uniqueness of Omega Infinity before the band closes its album on Ye Entrancemperium, a cover of Emperor, on which they invite Marta J Braun (Todtgelichter, Vyre) to once again enhance this vocal vortex while respecting the original work.

One of Omega Infinity’s strengths is of course its uniqueness and surprising character, which can be found in different forms. The band knows how to give an unexpected touch to a raw and heavy sound, making The Anticurrent a rich and extremely diversified album.


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