Review 1607 : Entheos – Time Will Take Us All – English

Entheos is finally back.

After their first two albums in 2016 and 2017, the band focused on playing live, eventually becoming a creative duo in 2020 consisting of Chaney Crabb (vocals) and Navene Koperweis (guitar/drums). The band signed to Metal Blade to announce the release of Time Will Take Us All, their third album.

On stage, the band is accompanied by their former bassist Evan Brewer (Fallujah, ex-The Faceless), but also by guitarists Brian James (ex-Fallujah) and Robert Brown (ex-Slaughter to Prevail).

The album opens with Absolute Zero, a modern and catchy mix of diverse influences the band unites under a devastatingly violent groove, complemented by massive screams. The jerky and complex riffs sometimes give way to softer or more dissonant tones before In Purgatory offers us a heavy sound, to which the band will eventually add its burning rage. Raw energy meets again the rich and varied Progressive approach just like on The Interior Wilderness which skillfully mixes heaviness and labyrinthine riffs while letting the softer and surprising influences express themselves under the same banner, followed by the heady Oblivion which proves to be much more accessible for a non-initiated audience, while remaining very coherent and melodic. The cybernetic final guides us to I Am the Void and its false sweetness which turns out to be as dark as it is suffocating to let clean vocals and screams walk hand in hand between the soaring harmonics before Darkest Day returns to Technical Death Metal’s pure aggressiveness. Fast riffs and blast meet again under this short track’s screams and worked leads before a Prog final lets Clarity in Waves place haunting tonalities which contrast with violence by offering Post-Metal elements, especially on vocals. The Sinking Sun will make the rhythmic accelerate while letting the band create an as thoughtful and lively as jerky universe, letting this long track’s aggressiveness answer to complexity, then the song ends in softness to let Time Will Take Us All close with a mix of airy sounds that slowly strengthens to become stifling and finally explode.

Entheos does not set any limits, and its diversity makes its strength. While fans of Technical/Progressive Death will be pleased with the more aggressive tracks on Time Will Take Us All, the band is sure to appeal to more adventurous listeners!


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