Review 1609 : 7 H.Target – Yantra Creating – English

7 H.Target is back to crush us with a new album.

Formed in 2010 (or 2005, as Surgeont), the Russian band led today by Alex Menshov (bass, formerly guitar, Cremated Lives), Mikhail Panfilov (drums, ex-Drauggard) and more recently Igor Filimontsev (vocals, Big End Bolt, Katalepsy) has announced the release of Yantra Creating, their fourth album, which is out on Willowtip Records.

The album opens with Aghori, offering a short mystical introduction before letting the full strength of Brutal Death crush us. Massive riffs and wild screams welcome fast technical spikes and devastating moshparts before Askeza lets its jerky rhythm strike with an as modern as Old School approach. Technical parts always find their way in this wave of brutality which also draws from vindictive Hardcore roots as well as soaring eastern sounds like on Shiva Yajur Mantra. Although the guitars are still present in the background, the track lets these new heady influences dominate it before Brahmastra returns to raw strengh, which the band perfectly adds to these softer sounds. The explosive mix is as original as effective, letting dissonance temper rage before Creating Gods Arms takes over, placing its dazzling sonic aggression through straightforward and groovy patterns. Ominous leads join a haunting basis before the track explodes again while rushing us to the final heavy break which will leave its place to the equally delicate Fired and Places for His Work, a dark but yet extremely aggressive composition letting the band spread all its arsenal of rage. We will also find a fix of disturbing dissonance, then Indian influences before Meditation closes the album with its usual violence, to which the musicians do not hesitate to add a more airy and soaring touch at times.

With Yantra Creating, 7 H.Target does more than offering us another Brutal Death Metal album. Because the band places airy elements and Indian influences between its heavy and groovy riffs, making this album a real musical UFO.


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