Review 1612 : Triglöth – Out of the Grave – English

Triglöth is first and foremost a pal’s story.

Created in France in the early 2010s, the band offers a sound between Death, Thrash, Stoner and Groove, offers a few live dates, then goes silent. 

In 2021, the line-up solidifies around Nicolas Fayoux (vocals), Sebastien Mutschler (guitar), Julien Puthod (bass), Florent Albourie (guitar) and Alexandre Dupont (drums), who eventually announce Out of the Grave, their first EP, for 2023.

The EP opens with Out of the Grave, an effective track which will immediately show us what the band can do by mixing all their influences, creating a wave of raw and catchy rage mixed with dissonant elements. The groovy sound is used as a basis for aggressive and heavy screams which will also weigh the mix down, just like on Satanic V8 Motor Engine which places heady harmonics with psychedelic roots under an effective saturation and straightforward riffs without forgetting the jerky patterns. The track lets its heavy slowness give the riffs a crushing sound before accelerating on the short Shane’s Addiction, making its rhythmic the perfect track to move on stage or in the pit. Also very short, Floridian Swamp stays in those aggressive and raw patterns the band wonderfully handles while placing some more complex roots sliding into heavy riffs, then the band will slow down again to let musicians express themselves on Gaia’s Revenge, a last instrumental track, which will again gather their influences on a rather simple and catchy rhythmic.

Triglöth had made a place for themselves on the local scene, and this release can only remind the band’s fans of their strength. Out of the Grave signs the resurrection of both the band, but also their sound with multiple influences.


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