Review 1614 : Fagus – Inter – English

You don’t know Fagus yet, but the band is about to surprise you.

Formed in 2010 in Germany, the band released a debut EP in 2013, then went silent. In 2023, ten years later, Maximilian W. (vocals/guitar), Sight (guitar/composition), Morguz (bass) and Triton (drums) announce the release of Inter, their debut album, on Silent Future Recordings.

Aurora, the first composition, immediately floods us after a thud under a majestic and haunting tidal wave, placing visceral screams and an energetic blast into soaring sounds. Airy melodies break up the fury before strengthening it again, letting the vocalist bring an additional quite Old School touch of oppression, followed by Neptun I which will keep us on our toes with a contrast between hazy riffs and energetic drums before the two parts mix to create a heavy atmosphere. Hits sometimes speed up, then let quietness lead us to Tyche, a much softer track at first, then becoming virulent, letting speed and fiery leads animate the icy landscape to which the band gives its colors as much in violence as in an unhealthy calm, followed by intriguing sounds to let Jenseits des Huegelzugs start with bewitching melodies. Vocals only join the storm later, setting it ablaze before letting it come back to life with soft sounds followed by the lively and short Zerfall des Lichts, which immediately couples raw Old School roots, possessed screams and raw riffs. The aggression imperceptibly shifts into haunting tones before suddenly fading out and giving way to Et in Aracadia Ego, the longest composition, which closes the album with a heavy progression into darkness, alternatingly accompanied by calm, heady sounds, hoarse screams and rage before a brighter final.

The name Fagus is probably unfamiliar to you, but the band’s silence has allowed them to refocus on the essence of their airy, cold style, making Inter a rich, soaring album.


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