Review 1615 : Carcariass – Afterworld – English

Carcariass is back with a sixth album.

Entitled Afterworld, it was composed by Jérôme Thomas (vocals, Science of Disorder), Pascal Lanquetin (guitar/keyboards, Mindwarp), Bob Meraglia (guitar, Mindwarp), Raphaël Couturier (bass) and Bertrand Simonin (drums) before being mixed by Drop (Samael) and then mastered by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Amorphis, At the Gates, Carcass, Emperor, Fleshgod Apocalypse…) to finally be released in 2023.

No Aftermath, the first track, presents a rather modern approach of a warlike Melodic Death quickly joined by raw vocals and Progressive elements. The mix is rich and catchy while placing some technical hints in leads before giving way to Billons of Suns and its heavier atmosphere which lets musicians develop their disturbing airy tones. We will also find more jerky parts before letting Identity bewitch us with slower and melancholic riffs letting the band’s Prog roots resurface with a worked and rich sound that will please the fans of long lead parts. Rage will resurface before the end of the track, then Angst will let pessimistic tones lead us to its surprisingly soothing and heady chorus, contrasting with the heavier and more regular elements. The haunting sounds mix with the abrasive melodies, letting Fall of an Empire gradually return to energetic patterns, especially on drums, without ever putting technicality and melancholy aside. No vocals on this track, but the threatening screams will resurface on Black Rain, a rawer composition which will welcome some clean vocals on lively parts, skilfully combining the band’s whole universe, which will calm down again with Generational Rot and its dissonant softness, which finally turns into motivating riffs. Vocal parts also participate to make the track a catchy one, just like The Hive which comes back in a cold and sharp Melodic Death Metal without forgetting the heady approach mixed with more aggressive influences. Machine Kult slowly but surely unveils its keyboards and then its rhythmic before letting vocals impregnate its aggressiveness with screams, but also a heavy atmosphere with dark choirs. The track is long but it remains coherent, and its complexity leads us to Afterworld, a last instrumental composition, which will also play on this worked and jerky approach of Progressive roots to close the album.

Although Carcariass knows how to produce raw parts, their mastery is undeniable. With Afterworld, the band once again proves that their approach is worth it, and that they know how to remain very coherent in all circumstances.


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