Review 1630 : Ov Sulfur – The Burden ov Faith – English

Ov Sulfur is hotter than ever.

After a first self-released EP in 2021, Ricky Hoover (vocals, ex-Suffokate), Chase Wilson (guitar/vocals), Matt Janz (guitar), Leviathvn (drums) and Ding (bass) sign with Century Media for the release of The Burden ov Faith, their first album.

The album starts with Stained In Rot, a first composition which will quickly set the tone by proposing a dark but killer rhythmic accompanied by massive and aggressive screams. Rage will be briefly appeased by some clean vocal parts in the waves of violence, then the massive break throws us on Befouler and its impressive orchestrations wonderfully completing the devastating riffs with Alex Terrible (Slaughter to Prevail). The vocal diversity comes again to bring relief to this raw composition by letting rage express itself, then the band welcomes Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer) for Unraveling, a majestic composition which does not hesitate to use the vocalists’ abilities to create a real wave of hate. The sonic duality resurfaces on Death Ov Circumstance, a very rhythmic and catchy composition playing a lot on heady melodies to shade the crushing violence, but also on Earthen which starts very quietly before gradually exploding. Melancholy also plays an important role in this dark and oppressive storm which finds its climax on the final, just before A Path to Salvation? continues this sonic journey by offering a short moment of respite, allowing I, Apostate to create a very contrasted mix between riffs and orchestrations. The jerky parts are magnified by these soaring airy touches which also let the two voices melt before welcoming Howard Jones (Light the Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) on Wide Open to create an extremely intense and complementary duet in every way. The instrumental is also perfect to strengthen the vocal parts, mixing heaviness and Black Metal influences before The Inglorious Archetype goes back to pure brutality on a fast tempo, but also with striking tones. For The Burden Ov Faith, the band calls upon Lindsay Schoolcraft (Antiqva, ex-Cradle of Filth) and Kyle Medina (Bodysnatcher) to bring an extra touch of diversity, which will make this last track an extremely intense one.

Ov Sulfur is not just another Deathcore band. With their first EP, the band had already established a diversified tone, and The Burden ov Faith strengthens this contrast between violence and majestic sounds, making the album going from very enjoyable to inhuman.


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