Review 1631 : Demon King – Vesania – English

Demon King reborns.

Formed in 2019, the American band composed of Matt Brown (vocals/guitar, Visitant, ex-Inferi, ex-Enfold Darkness), Malcolm Pugh (bass, A Loathing Requiem, Inferi, ex-Enfold Darkness) and Jack Blackburn (drums, Skáphe, Entheogen, Chaos Moon, ex-Enfold Darkness, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Inferi) announces the release of Vesania, its second EP, through The Artisan Era.

Worshipping the Idols of the Insane, the first track, unveils a frantic rhythmic on which the musicians skillfully weave complex riffs before the devastating screams settle in. The dark and crushing mix also places dissonant and sharp leads, but a softer break will temporize the fury while letting the darkness spread before igniting again, leading us to And He Shut His Eyes in Anguish, the following composition, which emphasizes the Black Metal influences before integrating all the strength of Technical Death. The elements complementarity is perfect, letting oppression answer to the most aggressive and visceral parts while letting piercing leads create more majestic tones before Ixion’s Torment unveils its heavy rhythmic, to which blast and jerky riffs are naturally grafted. The polished melodies give the track a more accessible touch, integrating nevertheless very dark elements, then Bound To Madness will follow with a more aggressive and straightforward approach, coupling tortured riffs with massive screams. The atmosphere remains heavy under these violent and sharp patterns, allowing the solos to bring a slightly softer epic dimension before The Gateway Vector unveils its intriguing and mysterious sounds. The band will obviously place its worked and devastating rhythmic between its two main influences, but the atmosphere is much heavier, closing the EP with a long storm of mystical strength.

Demon King is definitely a treat for any musician who likes the extreme approach of Metal. With its dark Black Metal roots and Death Metal technicality, Vesania makes us explore a wide range of fascinating violence.


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