Review 1638 : Eden Weint Im Grab – Apokalypse Galore – English

Welcome to Eden Weint Im Grab’s world.

Formed in 2002 as Dark Pride Retaliation in Germany, the band changed its name in 2004 to its current identity, and released its first album. In 2023, Alexander Paul Blake (vocals/bass/guitar/keyboards), Dr. Eckstein (guitar), Ivar Rabenfeder (guitar), Meyster M. Melicus (violin) and Paulus Chartreuse (drums) announced the release of their ninth album, Apokalypse Galore, on Einheit Produktionen.

With Hure Babylon, the opening track, the band will first create a dark atmosphere with haunting sounds before introducing majestic and ominous sounds, followed by a more raw acceleration, as well as rocky vocals. The catchy sound borrows from a Black Metal basis dyed with Gothic Metal elements, while GeysterGaleere will strengthen the frightening aspect by staying anchored in those dark and expressive roots. Screams and clean vocals meet before Tentakel der Angst is adorned with joyful, almost circus-like sounds to enliven heavy and horrific riffs. The playful march leads us to Wir sind der Drache, which takes up some of the cheerful orchestral elements in a rather unhealthy and uneasy way, feeding the hellish cohort with this occult touch on a fairly regular basis, which will become heavier and more martial on Schere im Kopf. The German language also gives the track a more disturbing tone, and it does not hesitate to become lighter at times before returning to darker sounds, creating a rather intriguing contrast before letting Trauerspiele des Clowns come back to the Old School horrific elements, perfectly fitting to the 80s’ horrific atmosphere. Die Körpersammler slowly wraps us in a veil of anxiety before placing more raw elements like vocals and slow riffs, letting a kind of torpor settle while disturbing it with more energetic drums, followed by Als der Tod vom Himmel fiel and its more aggressive patterns. Disturbing keyboards appear in this crazy dance with Old School influences, then Für ein Hallelujah will again darken and weigh the atmosphere down with a heavy bass, to which the other instruments are easily grafted. The Industrial/Neue Deutsche Härte influences are perfect to give the warlike touch, especially during the more aggressive parts, then festive elements will be invited again on Die dunklen Zirkel der Macht, the following track, to complete the catchy basis. We will also have devastating double kick at times as well as an epic final before Am Ende aller Zeiten closes the album with melancholic tones which progressively strengthen with soothing clean vocals before letting the unhealthy festive influences accompany the last moment.

The band also offers us two bonus tracks, the motivating and heady Welt Am Abgrund which definitely anchors itself in the catchy Gothic sounds, as well as Panorama des Untergangs, which revives the cold but accessible Industrial touches, to complete their universe with a slightly different approach than what can be heard on the previous tracks while remaining consistent.

With Apokalypse Galore, Eden Weint Im Grab offers us a mix of dark tonalities, unhealthy vocals and disturbing Old School orchestrations, letting the band explore the Gothic universe that perfectly suits them, while going under the marquee.


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