Review 1660 : Rotten Sound – Apocalypse – English

Day 3 - 3 - Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound is in good shape.

Created in 1993, the band led by Keijo « G » Niinimaa (vocals, Age of Woe, Morbid Evils, Goatburner, ex-Medeia) and Mika « Q » Aalto (guitar, God Forsaken, ex-…and Oceans), as well as Sami Latva (drums, Coughdust, ex-…and Oceans, ex-Deathbound) and Matti Raappana (bass), the band announces Apocalypse, its eighth album, on Season of Mist.

With its eighteen new tracks, aka barely more than twenty minutes, the quartet intends to let the most Old School and abrasive roots of Grindcore come to life. Rage and aggression meet at full speed to let blast, energetic riffs and wild screams combine on catchy and chaotic patterns, which can sometimes slow down like on the thick Sharing or Denialist which almost borrows elements from Sludge to place heavy and oppressive influences. Dissonant sounds are also integrated to these regular and raw waves permanently hitting us without even giving us the time to breathe, making the whole album very coherent and massive one, but we still notice some well-felt breaks, like on Newsflash which eventually revives pure violence, or Digital Bliss which will let the pit some time to open up to better explode again. There are also a few tracks shaped for the stage, like Fight Back, which literally allows you to follow all the crowd’s movements, as well as Breach and Inflation, which close the album by making us want to let the sound invade us again to shake our heads.

Rotten Sound. The band equates to violence, both on album and live. A safe bet for any lover of raw and unleashed Grindcore, which offers us with Apocalypse a spectrum of uncontrollable rage.


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