Review 1665 : New World Depression – Interment of Sins – English

Are you into New World Depression?

Formed in Germany in 2005, the band consisting of Hütte (vocals), Sascha (bass), Ritchie (guitar), Sig (drums) and Julian (guitar) announced the release of their sixth album Internment of Sin in 2023.

The album opens with Undying Strains, a catchy composition mixing raw Death Metal with melodic riffs and vindictive vocals. Riffs are sometimes slowing down, creating an impressive and majestic sound developing this contrast with obvious rage, leading us to Brainless and its intro sample, immediately announcing its theme. Old School and violent riffs easily integrate dissonant roots while developing epic and sometimes melancholic melodies before Guided By The Front comes to offer its abrasive and martial approach. Slower parts weigh the atmosphere down, which will let sharp leads join the charge, just like on Deathmachine, an efficient composition which rolls over us while offering an accessible and very rhythmic approach. Heady melodies will resurface on Interment Of Sins, the following composition, which also draws from a motivated Thrash to strengthen its approach of violence before Forgotten Tombs comes to place haunting sounds coupled with aggressive and solid riffs. We will also note this final solo, which is very complementary with the massive basis, then Overdose Of Humankind, the shortest track, will focus on pure violence with jerky and fast riffs to strike where it is needed. The album continues with Fools, a groovy track which skillfully places cutting harmonics and heady leads, alternating abrasive speed with slower parts, then the band will create a horrific atmosphere with Skull Carver and its opening torture. The track will place Old School but very melodic influences to stick to its regular violence, then the band will close its album with Thirst For Life, the last track, not without letting heavy and gloomy tones populate its aggressive Death Metal.

New World Depression succeeds in integrating to its Old School Death Metal a heavy and dark atmosphere, making Interment of Sins the perfect soundtrack of troubled and uncertain times without ever denying its violence.


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