Review 1669 : Maudiir – Soliloque – English

Third EP for Maudiir.

Created in Canada by Frederic « F. » Bergeron (all instruments/vocals, Trinity Blast, ex-Tears for the Dead Gods), the project unveils in 2020 with a first single, followed by an EP the same year, then another one the following year, and finally Soliloque, the third EP, in 2023.

With Toxic Cloud, the first track, the musician immediately reminds us of his melodic yet abrasive Black/Thrash roots with Heavy influences, which are strengthened with the arrival of vocals. The sound is much more aggressive while letting some catchy parts mingle with the wave of rage and dissonant leads before Praise of Copper places its jerky rhythmic and scathing sounds. Thrash influences are strongly marked on this composition, leaving the surge’s muffled vocals Black Metal roots, while Residue comes again to draw from aggressiveness to build its riffs. We will mainly notice the melodious and airy lead parts which contrast with the energetic rhythmic section before joining to develop epic sounds, then Regarde au Ciel will come to introduce its cheerful tonalities to let them adopt martial and dissonant influences. The joyous Heavy influences become even more present, but they will be overshadowed on CH?, the last track, which lets Black Metal roots spill out within jerky rhythmic, before leads offer a touch of raw energy, which are perfectly tied to the mix.

Maudiir continues its momentum with this new EP, mixing energetic Heavy/Thrash sounds with touches of dark and dissonant Black Metal. Soliloque will please fans of all three genres, while offering effective riffs.


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