Review 1681 : Montagne – Poudreuse – English

Feel the call of Montagne.

Created in 2016, the Parisian quartet that oscillates between Hardcore, Doom Metal, Post-Hardcore, Sludge and various as heavy as aggressive influences, announces for 2023 the release of their third EP, Poudreuse

After an as melodic as melancholic introduction of about one minute, the band suffocates us with Noire est la piste, a much darker and heavier saturated composition. The raw screams, sometimes combined with vindictive choirs, clash with a jerky and impressive rhythmic which also knows how to slow down with softer but still disturbing sounds before igniting again to let the ice-cold sound nail us to the ground. We will also note this suffocating final break before the dissonant Mirror Mirror takes its place, flooding us under layers of thick and regular rhythmic, inhabited by possessed screams. A few clean vocal parts shade the dissonant violence, which will also be interrupted by this sweet melody before literally exploding, drawing from its most aggressive influences to lead us to Au Centre Tranquille du Malheur, the long last composition, which lets faded harmonics blend with a thick basis. Although quite diversified, the sound remains very constant, drawing us inexorably towards these heady and syncopated sounds, fed with the striking contrast between raw patterns and soaring sounds until the very last moment.

Since I’ve known Montagne, the band has never ceased to surprise me and to make me adhere to their cold, crushing and very contrasted universe. With Poudreuse, the band will make sure to nail you to the ground and amaze you to better initiate the avalanche.


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