Review 1682 : Decipher – Arcane Paths to Resurrection – English

Decipher announces its debut album.

After a first EP in 2019, the Greek band composed today of Kostas Gerochristos (vocals/guitar, Lucifer’s Child, ex-Warhammer), Kostas Xatzis (guitar), Nodas Chatzopoulos (drums) and Costas Ragiadakos (bass, Dephosphorus, ex-Abyssus) sign with Transcending Obscurity Records for the release of Arcane Paths to Resurrection.

Chants Of The Unholy, the first track, leads us straight to the center of the action, made of sharp riffs and massive screams. Dissonance also appears, contrasting with the catchy Old School patterns but also with those unhealthy and martial sounds leading us to Lost In Obscurity, a slightly more melodic and accessible composition. Rage does not weaken at all, but the band still reveals haunting tones, especially before letting Arcane Paths reveal darkness and disturbing tones, accompanied by a tortured voice. Enslaved To Be revives the aggressive elements and sharp accelerations, contrasting with the heady harmonics the band naturally produces, creating an ice-cold atmosphere followed by Altar Of The Void and its mystical leads. The atmosphere remains heavy and solemn even when abrasive vocal parts appear on this long track which keeps slowing down, dropping a soothing but suffocating veil of darkness which also takes possession of the voices. The sound slowly fades to lead us to Penance, a softer track at first, but which will not hesitate to trade suffocating quietness for sharp and virulent riffs, between which screams and harmonics feed a dissonant relief before letting Sanctum Regnum close the album thanks to this mix between burning melodies, visceral rage and catchy refrains we already want to scream at the top of our lungs from the very first listening.

Although quite short, Arcane Paths to Resurrection is an excellent album. Very rhythmic and extremely well thought out, it can only help to bring the occult power of Decipher to a wider audience.


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