Review 1693 : Ironmaster – Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage – English

Ironmaster is back.

Created in 2020 in Sweden by Janne Jaloma (drums, Dark Funeral, Imperium, Night Crowned), Jonas Kjellgren (guitar/bass, World Below, ex-Centinex, ex-Carnal Forge, ex-Scar Symmetry) and Roberth Karlsson (vocals, Scar Symmetry, Facebreaker, Aktiv Dödshjälp, ex-Edge of Sanity), the band announces the release of their second album, Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage, through Black Lion Records.

Solemn Pestilence, the first track, will immediately put us in front of a real wall of riffs with unhealthy Black Metal influences mixed with a massive Death Metal. Aggression remains the track’s key word at all times, coupling heaviness with raw rage just like on Ocean Of Searing Hatred, which lets a frantic and jerky rhythmic crush everything on its path to make room for wild screams, but also for some heady melodies. The softer final leads us to Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage, which lets mysterious harmonics lead the charge and the killer blast, but the track is relatively short, and it will give way to Infinite Virulent and its raw and aggressive influences which do not allow us a single moment of respite. Leads almost immediately answer to vocals, but the track will finally calm down to become heavy before picking speed up again, then Monolithic Suppressor Engaged comes to bludgeon us with a rather modern approach. The cold Industrial Metal hints perfectly blend with this short track’s ambient aggression which will stop before Cast Into The Hollow bewitches us with a soaring introduction, followed again by the jerky and extremely heavy steamroller. The dynamic breaks with a soothing break before starting again with more complex patterns, then the massive final will let Implications Of Sacral Time allow us a new short moment to breathe, quickly followed by Lies Of Apathy which pours all its rage through fast riffs, but also chaotic piercing leads and dissonant sounds. The sharp screams give the track a bit of energy, just like on Bringer of Deception which lets a fast tempo feed the track’s aggressive approach, alternating between heaviness and speed. The album will end with Dismantling Eternity, a final slice of this complex but devastating and above all unstoppable mix until the last note.

The name Ironmaster is directly associated with strength. Between complex parts and raw riffs, Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage permanently crushes us, allowing little respite for a nameless chaos.


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