Review 1694 : Kruelty – Untopia – English

The time for violence has come for Kruelty.

Formed in Japan in 2017, the band composed of 02 (vocals), Zuma (guitar, Cadaveribus), MCD (guitar), SE7 (bass) and Mani (drums) will mix several aggressive styles to give birth in 2023 to Untopia, their second album, released by Profound Lore Records.

We begin with Unknown Nightmare, a dark and disturbing track at first with some distant psalms, but which will eventually morph into a heavy and thick sound with saturation’s sudden arrival. Saturated vocals, massive riffs and Old School blast mix in the sole purpose of breaking necks, letting Doom/Sludge influences and Hardcore roots cohabit before integrating Death Metal elements, like on Harder Than Before, a track shaped for the stage. Don’t look for technicality in this composition, the band remains based on raw efficiency and catchy patterns that they relentlessly mix under a dirty and sticky mix before moving on with Burn The System, which will slightly increase the tempo. The five musicians focus on the heaviest tones, whether in the most energetic parts or when the rhythmic becomes almost throbbing, recreating the oppressive atmosphere of a cave where hits rain down before leading us to Reincarnation, a composition where the band obviously doesn’t intend to change its recipe. A few screaming leads are sometimes integrated into the abrasive raging chaos, before letting the rhythmic roll over us before Maze Of Suffering allows a few moments of respite with its disturbing introduction. The rest of the track is nothing but violence, cavernous screams and uncompromising riffs which would break concrete slabs in half before picking up speed again for Manufactured Insanity, a relatively short composition made of aggressive rhythm changes, and sometimes completed by some shrilling screams calling for the most unleashed mosh. The album closes with Untopia, the eponymous track, which will let some dissonant melodies join the basis of jerky rage, which regularly breaks to rekindle the flame of savage brutality, letting Death Metal patterns lead the assault before finally fading out and trampling us.

If you like Death Metal as much as slow and heavy sounds, if savagery and raw rage don’t scare you, you must listen to Kruelty. Untopia will grab you by the throat, pressing harder and harder until your neck breaks, reducing you to a moshing corpse.


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