Review 1696 : Fimbulvet – Portale – English

Fimbulvet celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

For the occasion, the German band created by multi-instrumentalist Stephan Gauger (all instruments/vocals, Surturs Lohe, ex-Demondriver, ex-Menhir) announces the release of Portale, its fifth album, on Einheit Produktionen and Trollzorn Records.

The album starts with Schwelle zur Inbrunst, an instrumental and acoustic introduction which will gradually give way to epic sounds before letting Portale, the eponymous track, place saturation and aggressiveness. Saturated vocals and clear choirs are mixed to give this majestic composition all its depth without ever denying the part of rage which lies dormant on verses and in melodious leads, then Neiding comes to offer Old School elements to strengthen riffs. The different voices unite again to lead us to this softer part, but fury still resurfaces before Feuertod and its soothing introduction, letting the haunting atmosphere last even when saturated riffs appear. The cold harmonics easily mix with this heavy melting which however knows to accelerate to reveal sharper elements, then Krieg der Ratten draws us in its martial march which lets the musician play dark and impressive riffs, sometimes nuanced by clean voice. The contrast between majestic parts and aggressiveness is extremely well managed, especially on the heavy break, followed by Drachentor which will also return to a very lively and jerky sound, letting Black Metal roots give the track an occult energy, while keeping dark sounds. Quietness will come again to bewitch us on Wie ein Blatt im Wind, an acoustic composition letting the mystical melodies welcome some vocal parts, but it will be once again broken on Der finst’re Poet, a melancholic and abrasive track. There is a great diversity of vocals on this moody rhythmic, then the musician lets rage express again on Traumfänger and its frantic riffs, which barely brake to let leads place the tones which are easily coupled with voices. The album closes with Patron des Lebens, a composition which lets a soft melody slowly ignite, eventually joined by catchy riffs, then vocals and finally raw rage, which will disappear into the distance.

The musician’s Pagan and Black Metal influences allow him to make Portale a fascinating album, which carries high rage, but also of melancholy’s colors. Fimbulvet can only be proud of this release.


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