Review 1698 : Aara – Triade III: Nyx – English

Aara achieved its Melmoth trilogy.

Formed in Switzerland, the band created by Berg (guitar/bass/keyboards) and Fluss (vocals) unveils a debut album in 2019, followed by an EP, before recruiting J. (drums, Grusig, Malphas, Thron, ex-Chotzä…). In 2021, the group begins a series of three albums based on Charles Robert Maturin’s gothic novel Melmoth the Wanderer, which comes to an end in 2023 with the release of Triad III: Nyx.

Helped once again by Jonny Warren (Kuyashii, Modern Rites) on this dark introduction, the band kicks off with Heimgesucht, an as massive as melancholic track which soon harbors visceral but slightly erased howls. The ominous tones coupled with sharp leads obviously strengthen the impressive sounds which will become more melancholic and heady while leading us to Emphase der Seelenpein, the next track, immediately carrying us away between its waves of icy melodies. Ghostly screams skillfully link with the transcending harmonics to create a gripping sound which only allows itself a few moments of floating before burying us again under its flood of intensity before Moribunda lets a distant chorus join the frantic rhythmic. The sound is as soaring as weighing, creating a chaotic but very complementary contrast which becomes increasingly heavy, barely letting melodies soothe us when the heavier parts work. Unstern takes over with a majestic atmosphere, coupled with fast and massive riffs, easily recreating that hurricane of raw rage the band handles without difficulty to suffocate us, while allowing some moments of rest. We feel the atmosphere is much darker on this track, taking advantage of the rare and short lulls to ignite riffs again, then Des Wanderers Traum comes to drown us in its uninterrupted abyssal darkness, although interspersed with some more haunting elements. The heady leads carry us through this devastated landscape, letting us sail in this deep and powerful sound before allowing us a sweet final, followed by Edo and Edam, the last composition, which lets the instrumental parts deprive us of air by making us contemplate the most soaring harmonics before locking us again in this fall towards nothingness.

A page is turned for Aara which closes its trilogy with the same excellence as they begin this adventure with. As its two predecessors, Triad III: Nyx unveils visceral intensity, as well as dark and deep sweetness, making this final chapter a true fermata.


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