Review 1700 : Dawn of Existence – Ancient Arts – English

Dawn of Existence unveils their debut album.

Formed in the U.S. by the alliance of Astor (vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards) and Votan (guitar/drums/keyboards) in 2017, the duo released an EP in 2019, followed by the announcement of Ancient Arts, their debut album, in 2023.

The album opens with Marble Garden, a catchy track placing mystical sounds alongside effective riffs, quickly followed by saturated vocals. The mix works quite well, letting each element naturally link to the others before Toe Up takes its place, offering dissonant and heavy melodies which skillfully combine with the solid and haunting basis. There is also a surge of intensity on vocals, but also some fast tapping parts to contrast the massive rhythmic accelerating before Satan Spacelord takes over, continuing to give in fast rage. The majestic elements however not disappeared, they are found alongside the heady leads and epic choruses complementing the sharp riffs and more impressive parts on Mystic Serpent, a composition mixing bright Folk sounds with more aggressive elements. We are slowly carried away by this martial rhythmic again, letting rage and quietness answer each other, then the duo welcomes Nils Courbaron (Sirenia, T.A.N.K) on Škoda ’14, a track with Melodic Black Metal influences which easily stands out from the others. Sebastian Ramstedt (In Aphelion, Necrophobic) joins the musicians for The Heirophant, which will give a voice to the darkest and most disturbing mystical sounds, creating an unholy and ritualistic atmosphere throughout the composition before letting Tides offer colder and soaring riffs. The driving basis lets leads slowly develop before exploding while charging, then it’s Meet Me at the Stake that will close the album by picking from motivating Pagan sounds, coupled with those sharp melodies for a final ride before that final scream.

Dawn of Existence has developed a unique identity by drawing from its wide range of influences, creating a catchy and rich sound. Ancient Arts will satisfy fans of epic, mystical, and aggressive sounds while letting the band lead us through its ambiences.


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