Review 1705 : Azgarath – Old – English

New Azgarath EP.

After a first demo in 2018, followed by a live album in 2020 and their first full-length, the French band composed of Maeror (vocals/guitar) and Cryptic Soulslayer (drums) comes out of the silence in 2023 and announces the release of their new EP, Old, co-produced by Chaoscibel, Remparts Productions and The Ritual Productions.

Nocturnal Mass, the first track, immediately locks us in this veil of raw darkness with regular hits before welcoming wild screams easily combined with unhealthy riffs. The Old School and aggressive approach is here, whether in screaming saturation or energetic patterns, then the band also adds this heady melodic touch with Ruins, a slightly more haunting composition. Vocal parts bring heavy touches to airy dissonance, while clean sound parts and driving break, complemented by melancholic leads, reveal a more soothing atmosphere before rage resurfaces on Ancient Rites, the longest composition, which unveils its impressive rhythm before vocals emerge again from the growing chaos. Guitars feed choking sound again with piercing harmonics, hazy moments or even both to more effectively feed the dark curtain the band skillfully weaves as they lead us into Old, the eponymous track, which reconnects with Black Metal’s raw, unholy energy. The assault quickly comes to life with the aggressive approach and uncompromising riffs, punctuated by a few breaks letting the sound explode again before finally slowly fading away.

Azgarath‘s approach has not changed. The band still knows how to exploit Black Metal’s most unholy and unhealthy roots to forge an abrasive yet heady sound, making Old a gem for fans.


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