Review 1743 : Ekrom – Uten Nådigst Formildelse – English

Ekrom‘s debut album sees the light.

After a debut EP in 2022, the Norwegian band composed of Kharon (guitar/vocals/keyboards, The Kovenant) and Thomas Ødegaard (drums, Conjuration, Nocturnal Breed) announces the release of Uten Nadigst Formildelse on Edged Circle Productions.

The band asserts its icy Old School roots right from Bell Witch, a raw, frantic composition which also relies on a few ambient keyboards to develop its oppression. The approach barely changes on The Black Flame Of Seth, a track offering a few slightly more melodic and less vivid parts, mainly developing the heady, mystical sounds the duo perfectly maintain, but violence quickly returns to mingle with soaring sounds, leading us to The Black Hearted Ragana and its haunting slowness. Drums bring this wave of dark, dissonant and grimy but also at times surprisingly soothing distortion some dynamic, then clean sound contributes to this soaring atmosphere, which is marred by Abyss Of Eternity and its vivid opening notes, complemented by vomitous, hoarse vocal parts, while the rhythmic pattern occasionally calms down, before Misanthropy Void allows us another fresh breeze with a sad but very melodic introduction, which perfectly fits the dark, funereal rhythm melancholic approach. Vocal parts come slowly, announcing the contrast with this visceral explosion, but we immediately have them with I Djevelens Skygge, the next track, which remains anchored in this duality between majestic elements and abrasive basis. Norwegian influences mixed with keyboards give an as mysterious as haunting result, including on this Old School part where cymbals are highlighted, as well as on the haunting My End, where drums unleash themselves beneath much softer and impressive parts. The rhythmic mix continues to progress in the company of raw vocals between two breaks until When I Enter The World Of Unknown, the final composition, where screams become terrifying in the oppressive, impenetrable fog from which leads struggle to appear, contributing to the ambient chaos right up to the last note.

Ekrom‘s heavy Old School approach is perfectly reflected in Uten Nadigst Formildelse, an album that draws as much on Black Metal’s raw and dark roots as on its majestic, highly solemn inspirations.


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