Review 1766 : Perracide – Underdog – English

First mischief for Perracide!

Created by Swedish musician Perra Karlsson (Nominon, In Aeternum, Darkened, ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Thorium, ex-Benediction, Interment and Nasum live…), the project unveils in 2023 Underdog, an album containing five original tracks and nine covers of bands he has played in.

To accompany him, the man calls on Marc Grewe (Morgoth, Insideous Disease), Hellbutcher (Nifelheim), John Zwetsloot (Dissection, Cardinal Sin), K.K. Warslut (Deströyer 666, Bestial Warlust) and Jörgen Sandström (Grave, Entombed, Torture Divison).

Inexorable, the first track, aggressively introduces us to the universe the musician creates, composed of raw rage between Thrash and Death Metal. Uncompromising riffs welcome equally devastating vocal parts and cutting leads before giving way to The Grotesque, where the solid, catchy rhythmic pattern continuously bludgeons us. Violence only stops until after the last note, but it soon returns with In the Eyes of Suffering, where the musicians build up a worrying atmosphere before letting their groovy patterns fully express themselves, leading us to Raped and its hellishly jerky Thrash roots. Leads are not to be outdone, giving the catchy rhythm some piercing spikes before Satanic Sacrifice unveils its unhealthy darkness thanks to fast melodies, giving the wave of darkness some heady tones before returning to massive vocal parts on the short Domedagen and its savage Grindcore patterns. The Decisive Slaughter follows with a return to impressive Old-School Death/Thrash, incorporating a few darker melodies, before Horripilation gets us shaking our heads with the most jerky, aggressive roots possible. We also have some slow oppressive influences, and then The Dreams You Dread sublimates the Death Metal sounds with its heartfelt English-style riffs. Raw energy appears again with Black Evil and its explosive, incredibly catchy riffs borrowing from Black and Thrash, but also with devastating Grindcore on Cut to Fit and its minute of aggression, followed by Torn to the Grave, a composition which remains in the lively approach thanks to its thick Swedish roots. The longest track is undoubtedly Silence the World, which takes advantage of a slow introduction to build up its oppressive climate before the rhythmics ignite, accompanied by powerful vocal parts and epic leads, before the sound calms down to lead us to Satanic Speed Metal, an energetic cult track closing the album in savagery.

Its creator’s busy career makes Perracide a varied band with an overall high-energy sound. Somewhere between Thrash and Death Metal, Underdog will make you rediscover classics and appreciate new material in an aggressive Old School register.


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