Review 1774 : Black Eucharist – Inn of the Vaticide – English

Black Eucharist‘s debut album has been announced.

After a first demo in 2019 under the name Black Ejaculate, the American band made up of Infestor (guitar/vocals, Blodigel, Demiser, Impest, Primitive Warfare), Shemhamforash (drums/vocals, Blood Ouroboros, Graven Hag, ex-Subduer) and Gravepisser (bass, Demiser, Impest) unveils Inn of the Vaticide in 2023, on Stygian Black Hand

Black Ejaculate kicks off with an eerie intro sample, over which the band begin to pour out their infernal languor with an oppressive sound. Screams of terror finally appear, and halfway through the track, the raw Old School influences take over, and riffs accelerate while retaining their unhealthy edge in the company of raucous screams. Deflowering Jerusalem continues to spread its blasphemy with jerky, aggressive riffs and a catchy blast speeding up to let leads offer chilling melodies before Drowned Flock comes in with explosive parts between two lacerations. The track remains extremely coherent, while offering raw Black/Death elements helping to fuel the steady wave of aggression leading up to Inn of the Vaticide, the eponymous track, and its strangely quiet introduction. But once again, fury soon resurfaces to support the unholy message accompanied by its traditional martial blast, which ceases when The Soiled Crucifix offers its unexpected airy pause. Gentle touches will surprise many, but the dark, saturated tones return with Broken Staff of the Shepherd, a long composition which blithely pours its Old School tones out before letting an ominous sample extinguish them. But the rhythmic drive surely returns for the second half of the track, before giving way to the equally blasphemous Ziziphus Paliurus, which keeps a similar approach, albeit with a more ethereal, melodic break over which growls create an interesting contrast. The more subdued sounds are also to be found on the track’s final, which leads into A Foul Stench Lingers at Peor and its massive riffs borrowing from Death Metal again to reinforce the heavy tones at work before letting a chilling sample close the album.

With its raw, uncompromising approach, Black Eucharist pours out Old School riffs rooted in unhealthy, blasphemous Black Metal. Inn of the Vaticide is a poison waiting to be spreaded.


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