Review 1780 : Helleruin – Devils, Death and Dark Arts – English

Helleruin strikes again.

Created in the Netherlands in 2015, Carchost‘s solo project (vocals/all instruments, Orewoet, ex-Locus Amoenus…) announces the release of its second album Devils, Death and Dark Arts in 2023, via New Era Productions.

After a few whispers, The Flame Still Burns Within Me unveils virulent melodies coupled with an Old School basis and massive howls, laying the foundations for a visceral heady sound. The waves of darkness are cut by a few softer but equally dark parts where the vocalist keeps all his rage until a melancholy final, which leads us to Devils, Death and Dark Arts, the eponymous track, where he once again lets all his strength infuse sharp riffs. The driving rhythm is perfect for bursts of energy or, on the opposite, the more ethereal and even mystical parts, venturing deeper into the whole spectrum of Black Metal before letting It Befalls the Night With Doom unfold its icy leads and possessed screams. Once again, a few breaks and airy leads temper the fury, but it never takes long to surface again and accompany us through these raw influences, which eventually subside to let All Shades of Ferocity slowly bewitch us. The track is relatively short compared to the others, and thanks to a gentle ritualistic instrumental, the man carries us through to Riddles in Devil’s Tongue, which once again ignites its rhythm with heavy dissonant tones. There’s a slightly more upbeat drum section towards the middle of the track, then fury picks up again to bring darkness to life, until Hymn of Life and Death, the final track, takes over, leaving us to observe its murky veil as we follow the warlike march imposed under jerky riffs and wrenching screams. The track is cut in half by a sad piano interlude, but saturation returns with a few softer, more haunting touches before slowly fading to silence.

Very active since its creation, Helleruin has forged an icy identity thanks to its numerous and very qualitative releases. Rooted in Old School Melodic Black Metal, Devils, Death and Dark Arts is also influenced by raw and ethereal touches to become a true masterpiece.


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