Review 1785 : Extermination Dismemberment – Dehumanization Protocol – English

Extermination Dismemberment has finally announced its third album.

Founded in 2009 in Belarus by Arseny Kovalchuk (guitar, Red Benton), the band, completed by Viktor Kanashevich (bass), Vladislav Martirosov (drums until 2016, then vocals) and Denis Poluyan (drums, Out of Yesteryear), unveils Dehumanization Protocol ten years after its predecessor.

Well-known within the Brutal/Slam Death scene, the band extensively toured in the recent years, establishing themselves as one of this massive and violent style’s heavyweights, breaking necks at every turn. On this new album, the band confirms its reputation with twelve new compositions, including an anguished introduction (God Help Us) and a dark interlude (Humanity’s Last Grief) reinforcing the other tracks’ strength. The album features the band’s last three singles, the crushing Omnivore, the majestic Protonemesis and the wild Agony Incarnate, all of which have already proved their worth with devastating blasts, jerky riffs and devastating moshparts over which the vocalist places his bestial howls, and we’re pleased to note that the other tracks follow much the same recipe, letting the band go ever further into rage and Old School influences. I was however surprised by Terror Domination and its cybernetic voice that amplifies the following break, but also by the slow, explosive infrabass leading us to the end of the track, as well as by the sometimes solemn and morbid aspect of Sentenced to Extinction, whose choruses are particularly heavy. The band doesn’t neglect the more complex parts on this track either, while the long Ruins of Armageddon is more theatrical with its grandiose orchestrations, ultimately trampled by Corpsepit, the final track, which dips into more modern, cybernetic influences.

Extermination Dismemberment has always been renowned for their approach, and even if Dehumanization Protocol is sometimes adorned with majestic or worrying elements, it remains incredibly effective, blending Old School influences with modern elements.


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