Review 1788 : Putridity – Greedy Gory Gluttony – English

Putridity is back to life.

Founded in 2005 in Italy by Putrid Ciccio (guitar, Daemusinem), the band released three albums before experiencing major line-up problems.

In 2023, it’s with Cédric Malebolgia (drums, Molested Divinity, The Malum Process, ex-Monument of Misanthropy), Giancarlo Mendo (bass, Node, Indecent Excision), Manuel « Skizo » Lucchini (guitar, Skizopatix, Disgustibus, ex-Amputazione Spontanea del Cazzo) and Andrea Piro (vocals, Psychostasy), the band sign to Willowtip Records for the release of Greedy Gory Gluttony, their new EP.

With its five tracks of greasy uninterrupted violence, Putridity intends to make us understand that the band is back for good. We begin with Adipocere Retribution, which rolls over us from the very first second thanks to massive riffs complemented by cavernous guttural vocals, then Sodomizing Epileptic Chunks takes over, adding screaming harmonics to the devastating rhythmic. The distinctive blast sound is obviously there, as are the powerful jerky moshparts providing the morbid groove, before the short Fermented Entrails takes its turn to stun us with a heavy but fast sound. The band barely allows us to breathe before Molten Mirrors of the Subjugated tramples us with its approach forgetting any hint of delicacy, also coupling uninterrupted drumming with savage howls and thick riffs in which we still find some technicality, just like on Ecstasy in Decay, a cover taken from the seventh album by American masters Cannibal Corpse, which the band has no trouble integrating into its destructive universe.

In less than fifteen minutes, Putridity shows us that the band still handles its bloody art, making Greedy Gory Gluttony the perfect soundtrack for any savage rampage.


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