Review 1791 : Demolizer – Post Necrotic Human – English

Demolizer‘s second album is here!

Formed in 2014 under the name Radtskaffen in Denmark, the band led by Ben Radtleff (guitar/vocals) and Bjørn Hjortgaard (bass), joined by Aria Mobbarez (guitar) and Max Petrén Bach Hansen (drums) continue their collaboration with Mighty Music for the release of Post Necrotic Human in 2023.

The four Danes immediately attack with Post Necrotic Human, the eponymous track of which catchy introduction quickly sends us on a wave of energetic cutting riffs. The band respects to the letter the traditional Thrash sound and aggressive approach, just as they do on Fascist State and its jerky rhythm conducive to headbanging and any other crowd movement, while placing a committed message and virulent Heavy influences. The wave of rage picks up again on The Butcher, a solid track letting the band exploit its affinity with violence while being still a bit tempered with heady parts, before Crossfire allows us a moment of respite with its introductive sample. After half a minute’s talk, riffs come back in full force, sometimes accompanied by lively vocal parts and piercing leads, then The Wheel offers us its ravaging, rocky groove in belligerent riffs shaped for the stage. A few sea tones introduce Sarnarth, a more impressive track which can at times even be a bit oppressive, while keeping its energetic basis, while the mood darkens with the long Killing A Friend, which offers heavy melancholic tones the band manages to blend with regular waves of fury, creating a touch of intensity. Liveliness returns with Day After Day and its Old School roots, which the band perfectly exploits to pace its composition, letting vocal interventions energize the mix while leading us into Capital Punishment, a quite similar and effective track which adds choirs in the spotlight, before the album comes to an end with Warmonger, a final composition which blends martial riffs and heady melodies with enraged screams.

Demolizer‘s riffs are forged in the purest Thrash tradition, and this assertive Old School approach makes Post Necrotic Human a sharp and energetic, but above all unstoppable and indispensable album for any fan of the genre!


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