Review 1799 : Desekryptor – Vortex Oblivion – English

Desekryptor‘s debut album has been announced.

After two demos, a compilation, a split with Draghkar and an EP, the American band made up of PA (vocals/guitar/bass, Ecferus, ex-Draghkar), ES (guitar/bass, Nak’ay, Nuclear Hellfrost), TS (drums, ex-Fedallah) and K.R. (bass/guitar, ex-Nak’ay, ex-Nuclear Hellfrost) signs with Blood Harvest for the release of Vortex Oblivion.

Abysmal Resurrection gradually lifts the veil on a weighing and worrying ambience before revealing very dark heavy riffs, over which cavernous screams effortlessly land. A few leads barely escape the crushing mix, which slows down before Tornadic Hordes come to haunt us in their turn, placing vociferations over a throbbing aggressive rhythm before gradually accelerating to become catchy and heady. The band’s riffs finally explode on this long chaotic composition, leading into the equally abrasive Festering Ulceration, which doesn’t wait a moment to spew forth its waves of devastating saturation, despite being shorter. The final noticeably slows down, as does Seeds of Disease, with its thick dissonance which nails us to the floor before stomping on us for a short while and then resuming its slow march, leading us to this energetic final and to Omen of Terror, which obviously remains in that greasy, dirty Old School approach, whether in the phases of unbridled fury or the quieter and oppressive moments. Dagger in the Christ offers us a brief moment of respite with a relatively melodious introduction, before charging forward again with a morbid blast and raw riffs, which subside from time to time, before giving way to Vortex Oblivion, which locks us in this tornado of violence. Highly rhythmic, the composition doesn’t leave us a moment to breathe before releasing us to Nervegas Crematorium, the last track, which also remains in grimy tones to close the album with the same visceral rage that inhabits the band’s Death Metal, while injecting ritualistic tones on the central break.

Desekryptor‘s dirty heavy sound is sure to satisfy fans of dark, crushing Death Metal. Vortex Oblivion is not for everyone, but those who know how to appreciate it will be won over.


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