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Lava Invocator is back on its feet.

Formed in 2015 in Ukraine, the band currently composed of Ingvaar (guitar/vocals), Silent (bass) and Yggr (drums) had already offered a debut album in 2017 before giving life to Signs of Apocalypse, their second opus, released in 2023 via Satanath Records and The Ritual Productions.

Dark Winter Night, the first track, begins with the radio announcement of the war in Ukraine, complemented by a few notes of a melancholic piano, followed by a relatively simple but effective rhythmic pattern. Lyrics ring out before the rhythm ignites, then subsides, only to explode again, driving us into Welcome To Hell, a searing composition revealing aggressive riffs with sharp leads and massive screams that perfectly complement the chaotic ambience. The band follows with Signs of Apocalypse and its devastating Old School influences, which effectively trample us thanks to an uncompromising rhythm which barely lets a few scathing harmonics pass beneath the raw vociferations, then with Psycho Terror Worldwide, which first locks us in with unhealthy sounds before striking. The firepower is occasionally soothed by a few dissonant or heady melodies, but it’s always ready to strike, as on Blood War Hate, where the band pours its rage out thanks to a solid blast and muffled elements. The track remains extremely catchy, also taking advantage from melancholic leads to bring a more soaring dimension to its fury before Lava Magma Earthquakes unveils ominous sounds to accompany the wild growls. We can sometimes hear a melancholic dimension on guitar, contrasting with the more jerky parts before returning to raw power, as on Satan is Here, Hell on Earth, which effortlessly unleashes the most unholy sounds underneath full-speed aggressive riffs. The heady final throws us on to A Spark of Hope, the final track, which offers more haunting tones in keeping with this slightly brighter instrumental approach, closing the album on a more positive note.

In addition to offering raw uncompromising Black Metal, Lava Invocator‘s Signs of Apocalypse is a vision of their reality, combining aggression, martial tones and heart-rending melodies. A whole new level of violence.


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