Review 1808 : Inhuman Condition – Panic Prayer – English

No rest for Inhuman Condition.

Created in 2020 in the USA by Terry Butler (bass, Obituary, Left to Die, ex-Death, ex-Massacre, ex-Six Feet Under), Taylor Nordberg (guitar/vocals, Deicide, Goregäng, Ribspreader, ex-Massacre) and Jeramie Kling (drums, Ex Deo, Eye of Purgatory, The Absence, Venom Inc., ex-Massacre…), the band has already released two albums and a covers EP before announcing the release of Panic Prayer, on Listenable Insanity Records.

The first part of this EP kicks off with Civilized Holocaust, a track that doesn’t waste a single moment in laying down a solid rhythmic base over which leads and vocal parts take turns to feed the constant aggression, including on the slower, groovier catchy parts, just like on Final Credits, where the howling harmonics perfectly match this oppressive atmosphere. The band’s piercing Thrash roots come to the fore in these waves of violence, and are also to be found in the energetic Panic Prayer, the eponymous composition that naturally couples driving riffs with the rage of Death Metal influences over jerky patterns. The band closes this section with Godzilla, which remains in Old School tones but features a slower rhythmic pattern that lets the leads roar again between two raw accelerations.

For live-recording fans, the band have included four tracks played in Los Angeles, the first two compositions from their two albums: The Mold Testament and Recycled Hate from Fearsick, as well as Euphoriphobia and The Neck Step from Rat°God. There’s no doubt about it: the trio know how to play their tunes with the same swagger on stage, and without a false note, provoking crowd movements ordered by this « push your fucking neighbour!”.

As if the reputation of these three musicians wasn’t enough, I can assure you that Inhuman Condition perfectly exploit their Old School roots to deliver solid, effective compositions! Panic Prayer will get your head moving!


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