Review 1812 : Eave – Fervor – English

Eave once again expresses itself.

Formed in 2016 in the USA by Brian Tenison (bass/vocals), Caleb Porter (drums) and Ian Stoller (guitar), the band will welcome Gabriel Shara (guitar/vocals) in 2019 after a demo, an album, a split with Galare and an EP. Fervor, their third album, is scheduled for release on Bindrune Recordings in 2023.

The band first enchants us with mysterious sounds on Past Pulses before letting saturation and high tempo nail us to the ground while welcoming the icy howls. The sound suddenly lets itself die before slowly rising to take its last breath, allowing Chance is a Spectre to offer us its unbridled fury interspersed with oppressive parts where throbbing sounds meet tortured screams. Riffs regularly flare up, unveiling irregular chaotic storms before melancholy leads us to Mirroring and its hazy dissonance rooted in some quietness, occasionally disturbed by more aggressive influences. The track remains relatively soaring, giving way to Stale Ash and its furious waves that punctuate the soothing flow of ethereal sounds, creating a natural contrast which envelops us in its veil of darkness. A similar approach can be heard on Bending the Light, where the two voices take turns to bring terror to life, while the instrumental part lets our minds wander between its different phases of virulence or quietude, then Shards adopts more aggressive Old School sounds without neglecting the few moments of eerie calm. The album closes with Into Perdition, a composition remaining infused with the dark visceral duality the four musicians poured out, complemented by desperate distant howls that nonetheless offer us some intense and relatively melodic parts.

Between frantic riffs and eerie moments of calm, Eave delivers intense, soaring sounds, coupled with hazy terrifying vocal parts, making Fervor a hymn to depression and darkness.


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