Review 1815 : Nuclear Power Trio – Wet Ass Plutonium – English

The Nuclear Power Trio is back!

Created by the alliance of Nick « Vladimir Putin » Schendzielos (bass, Cephalic Carnage, Havok, Job for a Cowboy), Greg « Donald Trump » Burgess (guitar, Allegaeon) and Pete « Kim Jong-un » Webber (drums, Fear Factory, Havok), the band released their first EP in 2020 in collaboration with Metal Blade Records. In 2023, the infernal trio announced the release of Wet Ass Plutonium on the same label.

In addition to their respective skills, the three leaders called on Chris Broderick (In Flames, ex-Megadeth), Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry), Brian Hopp (Cephalic Carnage) and Scott Carstairs (Fallujah) for some polished solos.

It’s the epic self-titled track, W.A.P. (Wet Ass Plutonium), which is responsible for once again opening the doors to this instrumental universe, made up of both massive heaviness and worked harmonics driven alternately by guitar and bass. The riffs remain catchy, as on Apocalypse Mao, which lets the heady melodies fuse together before separating again, even welcoming a few frantic keyboard parts to complete the rhythm. Nyetflix and Chill offers us more upbeat, even festive tones to accompany this anthem with a catchy groove that leaves plenty of freedom to the string instruments, before Air Force Fun throws us into a wild ride with as lively as melodious tones. There’s a more ethereal passage before the final, then Snark Side of the Un reveals its jerky approach, often leaving bass and drums alone while the guitar offers noisy tones in the background, before returning to join the rhythm section to unleash its best lead parts, guiding us into ¡Vamos, Brandito! and its obvious danceable Hispanic influences. Far from forgetting their saturated roots, the band will of course place a heavy effective rhythm section to contrast with the joyous side, as well as a few words in the distance, then Anti-Saxxers (Mandatory Saxination) will bring in the evoked instrument to soothe the minds before indulging in a sharper, but equally worked-out form of rage. The contrast reaches its climax when all the instruments come together, letting us enjoy all its complexity before reaching Critical Bass Theory, where each musician doesn’t hesitate to put himself forward or sublimate his comrades in a common charge. The album comes to a close with Red Scare Bear Stare, a composition which first casts a veil of melancholy before returning to its usual cruising rhythm, alternating heaviness, groove and permanent mastery.

Whether you’re a musician or not, you can only recognize the precision and craftsmanship of the Nuclear Power Trio! After having laughed at the tracks’ titles on Wet Ass Plutonium, you’ll be blown away by their strength!


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